The will and strength to form a good habit are the same as that used to form a bad habit. The power and desire to do something (that becomes a habit) comes ironically from repeatedly doing the act first done, over and over again, (one act at a time), just like any bad habit! This is better than just intellectual reasoning about the habit alone, (which knowing that something is good, we often still don’t do, or knowing something is bad we often still do). This is because the human condition is just that..human conditioning….

If this is so we could simply try to replace bad habits by choosing its counter habits to increasingly repeat it until the desire and will to do and to maintain it is so overpowering it leads to action to reduce the other.  We can also use it to form good habit ..one good act at a time.  Never give up trying because we have such a great deal more untapped ability than we yet know.


I acknowledge that  I can achieve because I have achieved goals in the past, and I ask myself why the differential success in some areas given all I know.    Well, I have learned that what we call ‘will-power’  is better at some times than at other times.  I have a stronger will at certain times of the day I notice.  I always start the day well.  The image to the right represents me in the morning.   If I could just transport that power to the latter end of the day!.  Actually, I discovered that willpower is not an unlimited resource and should be used wisely, just like any other resource.  I have just so much energy for the day and cannot sustain that pose all day.  I need downtime to replenish energy and strength.   I begin to recognize that I likewise need downtime and to refresh reinforce and energize willpower.   Even a strong man cannot maintain a power pose all day!!! I begin to recognize that I need a top up my will so to speak.  Put down the load, stop the struggle, and to tap again into the source of my strength and will.   In this state of reflection, I recognize my limitations (and this is good by the way).

I surrender to the fact that I need rest, I surrender to the fact that I need respite, not to indulge my habit, but to take time out to rejuvenate!   Recharge my spiritual battery,  recognizing that all that power within me comes from a source. I  have to go and plug in or tune in to the source.  I have always been an advocate of the old adage ‘ in failing to prepare you are preparing to fail’.  It is no less the case here.  I notice when I start to tire and put some things in place, some kindnesses of things that I like to do or lovely distractions to remind me that I am winning something rather than losing something.  I focus on and build in the positive now rather than thinking that I have to endure for a certain period.

SUGGESTION:    Pick a time of day part way through (several if you need) to check for fatigue and to rejuvenate,  rather than trying to hold out until the end of the day without rest & try to meditate.  

SUGGESTIONS BELOW: music, recorded meditation, Meditation Words

MEDITATION ON STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS  As I begin to relax my body, I notice thoughts come and go in my mind.  I focus my mind on why I want to master a particular habit or chosen behavior.  Although my mind can be powerful, as I observe my thoughts I realize that I am not just my mind.  Both my mind and of my body belongs to and is part of a greater whole that I can observe.  I the soul consciously observe these aspects of self.  I take time to observe how my body feels, and I  how my mind thinks.  I can also acknowledge who I am, my divine origins from God and therefore my divine potential.  A part of a vast intelligent universe is a miraculous intelligent creation, created from the divine source that forged both the capacity of my mind, the strength of my body that same source love and intelligence that formed the universe.  I was made of and from the strength of that great love,  and I can look to that same source of love and strength that sustains and keeps the universe ordered perfectly and effortlessly continuing, and recognize myself as part of that creation.  As I tap into and rest in this knowledge and perfect stillness and peace. I begin to realize that all struggle can cease and that I am a part of that existence and completely accepted.  As part of all things I am completely loved and completely understood and so I can relax with myself.  I can surrender just as a drop of water is at home in a body of water.  There is no need for an explanation of my purpose and of what I am.   I am and can accept myself as a part of the source of all things supporting and sustaining all things, the source of endless power and peace, residing at the center of my being.   I recognize that all the work is done, and realize the key to all things is at my center in the creator himself.  My part is that I simply to realize,  appreciate and surrender to the renewing power and awareness of my soul existence, one with all creation.  I accept all that goodness and love at the center of the universe, at the center of me already, without any effort on my part to sustain me now.  I rest therefore for a while and allow myself to be supported here and am in no hurry to leave this place of complete love and acceptance,  I rest here as a part of that eternal and sustained existence.  As such I can let go of any struggle and any resistance since there is nothing to do.  I am sustained as my breath is sustained I can simply be and simply rest. (long pause)

When I am ready to finish my meditation, when I am ready to resume my daily walk, when I am ready to let the concerns of the day resume,  I remind myself that I don’t need to resume worry.   I can simply take this love and peace and reassurance with me.  Glad to be reminded and content in the knowledge that the peace remains here within me, that it has always been within me and that it will always be here for me.    I can return here often whenever I wish to re-energize and to recharge, and each time I take a little more of it with me into my daily consciousness and daily walk.

I can let my thoughts of the day return knowing that as part of God, a part of his creation,  I can observe the suggestions of actions of my thoughts, and can refer these to my fixed place of identity, and choose to act or not to act on them. when I remember I have access to the source of all power over my mind.   I begin to recognize that all I  have to do is to surrender my will and in recognizing this power to do all things is within me and I am not my mind.  I realize that I only need to tap into that source and align my mind to my soul consciousness frequently and regularly in order to remember my divine potential, to top up my spiritual battery without fear of the thought.  I can choose to dwell in my soul consciousness, where and to find reassurance and trust and to abide for a while.   I practice this new understanding of my source and strength and surrender to the peace and support.  I can seek this peace and quiet and renewed understanding often as it is ever with and within me…[Pause] End Meditation.


Gods goal is that 1st that I first surrender and learn how to become like him, full of love and understanding and all power, and then I can allow myself to accept those traits and become full of that power.   The path and way to success are already made easy and weakness combated and overcome.  All that is required is dependence and leaning for strength ironically.   This is like being a child and then to practice to walk strong just as any child trusting as you would a good father.  (this is a struggle if you never had a good father but can be done).

I begin to trust my self to him.  I barely trust myself after repeated failure but I am learning to trust him.  Faith takes practice just like learning to swim.  I am learning to love him, albeit selfishly because I need help, and I draw nearer to him as he invites me to make another step in his direction.  He doesn’t care that I’m selfish…he loves me.   I am learning about his love for me.  I begin to understand the admonition of Paul recognizing therefore when I am weak, then am I  strong.  I begin to understand that I must let go of the pride of achievement knowing I am strengthened by this.  I am strengthened rather than diminished by learning to be humble.

SUGGESTION: Put on some lovely music and try your own meditation at your own pace here is one of mine






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