Identity, Mindful and  Spiritual Coaching 


  • Identity and Values coach can help with confidence or overcoming confusion over your values or identity
  • Forgiveness Coaching can help take the positive from mistakes made and rise higher from setbacks.
  • Self Confidence Coaching can help aspire to rise above daily self-doubt and fear about the near future
  • Lifes Journey coaching looks to help in any area in your life where you feel you want to jettison fear and progress, and feel inspired, and fulfilled on the journey.
  • Life Aspiration coaching can help when you aspire to find what you really want  from your life
  • Spiritually Based Emotional Resilience coaching can help if you aspire to feel able to cope emotionally with others and their emotions on a daily basis (Christian Based)

**For this it is important is that you find someone who resonates with you or has a similar outlook just as you would any relationship so that it is not difficult to stay motivated or them to help guide you in your journey.

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