Foundations of Spiritual Core Identity Coaching


  1. The Core of  Spiritual Coaching promotes that we are borne of eternal essence of intelligence, and at our core, we are whole and complete. In quiet self-Contemplation and meditations on self-purification (getting to know our original inner state) and through faith in a loving and giving creator of the Universe, and through prayer, we can tap into to the endless resources and Godlike power we are given.
  2. Our progress through life is dependent on an acknowledgment that God owns/ rules everything and is at the heart of our very existence and we have at our heart of God, a part of his divine nature and with God-given ability to change, adapt and become.
  3. As we focus our Mind (the tool for progress) on our God-given identity our connection with our divine potential is Strengthened, and our peace and understanding increase daily and we grow closer to God.  We better come to know ourselves and our daily purpose.
  4. Through Silent and guided meditation and study on enlightened truths of being this brings about daily enlightenment about yourself and so energy and renewal so we live truer to our life’s purpose.
  5. Through the concept of surrender to the understanding of a loving, caring and intelligent creator, we can recognize our own qualities (and uniqueness of feeling) as well as the shared common journey of other individuals on the path of Personal Growth.
  6. Spectrumm Coaching promotes the pursuit of purity, of wholesome nourishment of mind and body, and in peaceful coexistence with others (with whom we are connected) in celebrating life, even in challenging times.
  7. Spectrumm Coaching is founded on the belief that with a commitment to personal growth and abundance.  A focus on loving kindness towards self and others leads to a positive outlook increases sustainable resilience.
  8. There is a divine purpose to this life, and we have inherent abilities which are provided opportunities (often through challenges) to nurture true identity in a unique way.

Jim Carey Spiritual Enlightenment.