Individual Coaching Available

Welcome to Spectrumm Coaching – ‘Taking Time out for What Matters Most’   

Personal Self Re-Discovery & Value Coaching – Finding Core Values for Fulfillment.

Life Resilience Coaching – Bouncing  Back from setbacks great and small.

Anxiety Reduction Coaching – Using your Core Identities to dispel Mind space anxiety

Health Re-conditioning Coaching – Using your Mind and Body  and Knowledge to overcome addictive habits

Re-channeling Negativity – Utilizing your Heart space to overcome Negative Outlook

Re-Discovering Spiritual Identity – A Meditative Re-discover your Core  Soul Identity

Self Compassion & Forgiveness Coaching – Using your Heart space and Mind Space for Self Compassion development

Coping with Criticism coaching – Using your Soul Identity to shape Mind-space mastery in the  Social Space

Relationship Re-Alignment Coaching – Understand the role of your Heart space to improve relationships`

Life Re-Direction Coaching – Using Foundation Spaces to develop & accelerate realizing your life’s Purpose.

Coaching for Complete well-being  (Spiritual Identity Re-Discovery/Development – Emotional Stability Rediscovery- Physical Health Re-discovery)