Sitting alone cost of peaceful disposition

A Peaceful Disposition- A tale of Spiritual Beggers.

It it useful to think of the cost of a peaceful disposition in the same was as if we want a new mobile device or a desired pair or trainers.  Just as we do not go to the shop and stand and beg the owner for it.  We look for and ask the price of the item, recognising that this has to be paid for.  We use our hard earned money to purchase it.  This we understand well enough, however we often forget that this is the same with spiritual gifts.

A desire for a peaceful disposition, one nurtred and at rest also has a cost and likewise we need to know the cost and seek out and secure the sum and be willing to pay it.  The currency is different but the principle of purchase is the same.

It stands to reason that you will have to find out the cost of a peaceful disposition and decide to pay the price.

What is the spiritual currency needed for the peace I want?

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