Changing the Wellbeing landscape

Developing Resilience and a thriving wellbeing despite change.

Do You Want to Change Your Outlook?

If you feel the need to develop resilience for the challenges facing you in some area of your life you can. You can develop more resilience and a thriving sense of wellbeing right here and right now. Facing the many unexpected and often unwelcome twists and turn can leave you appreciative of the growth mindset.  This is the term for an approach to life’s problem that existed way before the term was coined.   Attitudes are often hard to change and are often sparked by necessity,  but our attitude can change,  and we can learn to adapt more gracefully to challenges and we can help others too.  I am told I cope well, but this is not always easy, certainly not for me.

A Time to Learn and a Time to Teach

Developing Resilience and thriving wellbeing despite change is possible.  Learning to react differently and to find ways to support wellbeing and resilience should be made available to all from an early age.  The lessening of daily anxiety is the key to the improved wellbeing of people young and old. Dealing well with the daily stressors big and small, is the name of the game in resilience.  The irony is it that resilience is mostly discovered in adversity in a kind of sink or swim scenario.  Sadly, many sink and drown without the lesson. Many spend years gasping for breath barely treading water, but some it out can throw others a lifeline.   With the right information and knowledge, a glimpse of true lasting identity and self-nurturing strategies would certainly help. This includes your soul or spirit, often neglected largely out of fearfulness.

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