Making a Conscious Choice for Happiness

There is no need to be hard on yourself if you are not among those who can see and count their blessing easily.  You have probably got a good grip on reality and are not easily self-deluded! It is good to see things as they really are.  That way you can deal with things effectively.  Just having a positive attitude without this is just ignorant bliss.  There is however a lot of research that shows happiness is positively associated with the ability to see the good among the bad.  The ability to stand back make a choice to focus on the good amidst a difficult situation not only affects our mood but our ability to problem solve.  It affects how long we suffer the ill effects of setbacks.  How quickly do you get over setbacks such as arguments and upsets in our relations?


Ability to Count Blessings and Resilience

Lifes changes bring surprises to us all.  If we are very very lucky these are always good at counting our blessings and seeing the positive when problems arise.  If we are extremely lucky we are able to take even the bad and make them good (at least in some way find something positive out of the problem life has bought us).  This is not easy for everyone all the time (certainly not for me),  but its easier for some than others and its not just about being lucky to inherit a good disposition.    If that’s you then great, but if not, the good news is we can all learn how to reflect positively on experiences that seemed negative or even see good in a situation in the moment of trial and crisis. This takes much practice and quite frankly, the skill is often developed because life has bought us unexpected bad things.  In short, we can develop our ability to be resilient.

Getting in Touch

If you are struggling to see the way forward and find the positive in a situation that you are in, you could you benefit from spiritually based resilience Coaching?  Why not book a short session to explore how coaching can accelerate your progress, mindset and problem-solving ability.  Discovering and exploring the meaning and purpose of your life could help you bring understanding to perplexing experiences.

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