Foundations Well-being Coaching – Through Thick and Thin

 From the deepest inner sense of peace to the outward projection of self-and self-portrayal we display in our daily actions, Health and Well-being Coaching helps across the varying aspects of everyday life and in dealing with short-term and longer-term change over the lifespan.

Dealing With Change

Factors that form the foundations of well-being can be built at each and every stage of change in our lives.  Embracing change as development means we can recognize and connect with it in a healthy way.  Most of us don’t like change, we automatically feel a sense of loss and insecurity (even in starting new things) if that is allowed to continue then we risk making the experience far worse than it need be and harder to cope with.  We cannot often avoid the change but we can decide our attitude towards it.   When we understand or come to terms with the aspects we can control to an extent we can embrace the lessons (hard as they may be) if not at least weather them with as much grace as we can muster by viewing them as a means of bringing forward some aspect of our development.

Wellbeing and Coaching

Wellbeing research which identifies aspects that constitute well-being such as growth; environmental mastery (including positive relationships with others) purpose in life, and realization of potential, as well as self-acceptance and autonomy, are not new concepts. These concepts investigated by researchers (Ryff 1989a; & Ryffand Singer 2008) are incorporated in principles and practices in coaching.  Even without research personal trial, and error, or experience ultimately teaches us to consider finding what I will call peace of being with the journey.

Young or Old  Anxiety is Anxiety

Peace of being is no less important for a young person,   adolescent or for an aged or retiring human being.  Everyone wants to feel at peace and live a full daily life.  How many would be good experiences are robbed of the joy of the moment due to being lost in anxiety.  We all hope not just to look back on a life of peace approaching 90,  but today and at any age.

Re-Evaluating and Fixing Focus

Even amongst turmoil or trials of everyday life, it takes a firm grounding in self to remain at peace.  I hope to look back with peace at 90 but that means we should begin to look back and forward with peace now, and we can.  The references cited are for those of us who want the references and out of courtesy.  It is just as useful to quote philosophers, ancient warriors, spiritual writers or anyone whose daily walk and experience have helped shaped enlightened thinking.  The role of insight and intuition plays a significant role in coaching as well as a co-operation and growth mindset.  Finding and using peace of being as a founding place to discover solutions to challenges (ultimately for growth) is the starting place, The finding your ultimately purpose and fulfillment through challenge that come is the approach at spectrumm coaching.  Why not check out the Soul Foundation beliefs and take the spiritual questionnaire (coming soon) to see if this is a good time for you to increase your sense spiritual wellbeing to aspire to or overcome something and achieving a sense of peace and well being.

Changing your state

When we change even our bodily position and fitness our mind is affected.  Exercise is one of those instant state changers..If you find a fun way to exercise for you.







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