Looking Around For a Caring Community.


A lot of people in the community are discussing financial worries amid changing economic climate and the social aid for struggling in Britain.  Looking at the bigger picture there is a lot happening to put pressure on the British People.  This pressure is not unique historically or even local to the UK, and governments are all taking their own modes action to address concerns.

In the UK  the government has made great strides to address credit crunch and economic crisis of the banks and businesses alike, education, pensions, housing, immigration, and the housing crisis all in one go. Everybody everywhere has been affected somehow and there is a lot of stress and anxiety all around.

The powers that be having bailed out the Banks (to the tune of billions) and given bonuses to the bankers before dismissed them. 


The government have addressed education concerns of standards and retention by introducing substantial checks and assessments in attempts to raise the bar of teachers and the workload with endless cuts.  


The government has increased the pension age from potential retirement at 55 to 76 year old to affect retention.  This helps as many now cannot afford to leave if they wanted to without serious penalty of up to 40% if they have pensions.  Pensions generally have increased and are under review (although ageism in employment of the older population has not itself been re-addressed).

Social Welfare

The introduction of Universal Credit a simplified social fund attempts to try to save at least related to the self-employed.  This essentially assumes a threshold of income below which your business is not viable and you must desist (or starve or get further into debt).  Individual UC has saved money by doling out help only after a paralleled work wage monthly period (saving millions).  This is forcing people into work they say, or at least to subsist or to access charity instead of the social fund, in a sink or swim scenario.  This should free up money for the government.

Small Mercies for Small Business

The economic climate has seen a rise in the zero hour contract (introduced in 1998) initially used to “clock-off” staff during quiet periods while retaining them on site so they could be returned to paid work should the need arise.  This has helped some struggling businesses and even hospitals and nursing homes to stay afloat.   There is always the option to employ those hard-working immigrants who arrive not looking for a quick handout but for a chance to work even for very little in some cases, and at multiple jobs.  This helps those businesses (at least short term) but reminds me of stressed out teachers performing wonderfully under inspection for a ‘fit for purpose’ stamp’ only to lead observers to conclude the system works.  If they can do it everyone can…or can they!  How desperate would I have to be?  How stressed would I be?  A kind of unspoken poor law perhaps!

Preventing Fraud and Monitoring Immigration

Once unemployed hits then people turn to help from UC  (if they can get access to the internet and knowledge of use, a passport or driving license, and a stable address).  You will need to verify yourself..lol…with those documents.  This way the system can monitor nationality, spot immigrants (whatever that means) check your movements at will. (necessary because you can be sanctioned for leaving the country even for a day. 

The New Poor Laws

 If you cannot work multiple shifts (due to childcare costs or lower wages than needed for your family an older age much less over 50 so can’t find work things can be tough m many people in work are a few pay packets away from financial distress.  This includes family holidays even if paid for, and  funerals.  You have to stay here and report and make a new claim if you do

Housing and Finance

Owner-occupiers, who are leaseholders, can get help with service charges approximately nine months from the date of your Universal Credit claim, and help with mortgage interest payments in the form of a loan which subject to interest can be claimed. 

 If not a homeowner and you rent you can get rent relief, however, this considers the size of your accommodation and is reduced if your home is deemed larger than needed.   This means that the amount you have to live on deemed adequate ..well…is suddenly not enough and you will have to make a decision about what to leave out of your shopping, leave out of maintenance, take only necessary journeys keep or sell the car in order to manage if unemployment is prolonged. 

There is an incentive £1000 for leaving your home (of X years) in order to manage but you have to do this yourself (if you are not too stressed at this point).  This small amount may be tempting after poverty has struck if you have not found work.   Although this sounds like the old window tax? At least could board up the window if poor.  The principle is the same and as ill thought out but worse as there is no escape without serious stress.  

What a lot of attempted solutions!. Ok, it’s not the final solution but, certainly, a way to cull the herd (the weak and the helpless however they arrived there) It’s just careless with peoples lives and damn the consequences and there will be hell to pay.  Even for us if we do not recognize what is happening and attempt to be part of the solution.  If not we are part of the problem