Physical Space -Food for Thought

Our Physical Space Health Set, or those physical things we do shape our thinking and decision making, emotions, our actions and actually affect our neurobiology and genetic disposition.  We have more part in shaping our destiny than our genes do. That said there are good reasons to assess your behaviors.  This includes food and even your mobile devices.  Watch this great Ted Talk relating to Brain Envy.  

We can evolve quickly and right now!

Far from taking generations for a behavior change to take effect, we know that behavioral conditioning changes the way the brain develops, function and even which genes are activated. This is called epigenetics.  Although I taught about this for years in biological psychology, I don’t really think most of the students grasped the real implications of this.  What this means that we become our thoughts (see audiobook as a man thinketh) because our thoughts trigger actions trigger and activate genetic expressions or behavior potential (simply put).  This gives a resounding word of caution my mother always chided ‘ you are the company you keep’.  I can almost hear her voice now (God rest her soul).  Our environment sights, sounds and internal environment (thoughts) help shape us but they can also help to reshape us.

Physiological &  Environment Effects on Love (Heart Set) and thinking behavior (Mindset)

For many years psychologists have known that environmental factors shape not only social but brain behavior.  Something so simple as touch shapes the physical development of an infant through the release of a neurochemical ODC.  What this means is that infant care and contact affects bonding behaviors and ability and even social relationship formation well into later life (if we let it).  This means we come to adulthood with some conditioning already done and some pre-set present and possibly below the level of our conscious awareness. Perhaps that is best or just as well (after all I can’t be expected after all to work on what I can’t see).  However when we may wish to because we may find ourselves behaving in ways that we do not understand or seem illogical, or against our better judgment.  It actually helpt to know how our physical conditioning, toxins, air quality, and even peer group affects our decision making brain function and even your peer group.

Bouncing Back with the Worlds Best Exercise,

We really can change when we feel stuck or are set in a pattern of behaviors that do not serve us.  These behaviors may have served us in some way at some point, but not anymore and we may find it hard to get out of them.   This can be anything from lack of exercise, food addictive patterns or any behaviour that we now want to shed.   These behaviour patterns may require some cognitive restructuring (or a new mindset) but also require physical routine restructuring in the physical space of our lives as well.    Changing our physiological state and behaviour  does not have to be a chore or taxing.  The best way to exercise without stress and strain on the body has been proven to be rebounding (or trampoline bouncing) and has bee researched by NASA as well as others and has a plethora of health enhancing benefits.  Exercise affects and even disrupt our mood and emotions.  Exercise is one such activity at it releases a regenerative element to your brain (it is even thought to reduce later risk of things like Alzheimer’s.)

How to get ReboundFit

Brain Food for Thought –

Incidentally, Obesity is associated with brain weight and function!!  It is also useful to know what foods are associated and boost your brain functioning. Vitamin D is also worth a mention here because  Funny people worry more about their body than their brain!  the brains girls is not fully developed until about 25 -28  so the legalization of Marijuana is not a good idea (unless you have a serious illness that nothing else).  This also goes for the legalization of any drug (including alcohol).  John Hopkins research shows size really does matter here.  The result is a smaller brain and hardwiring of thinking aspects of the brain affected.   Sleep and  Caffeine constrict blood flow and adenosine is addictive etc.


Action vs Motivation

Often we wait for a change of heart to exercise but actually acting first is the key to motivation:  Do the thing and you will have more power to do the thing.  On the other hand, changing the physiological habit is a good place to start for work on all the other areas of health and well being. One of the reasons this is a good area to start for most people is that changes in routines can be done immediately, and effects visible.  Vastly improving one area of your life automatically improves the other areas.

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