Foundations of Heart Space – Emotional Coaching

Emotional Coaching is useful to develop for yourself some supporting strategies to help deal with trials and challenges.  This is useful because it leads to a more peaceful approach dealing with changes that can dramatically reduce and even remove the stress.  This can also support the development of long-term coping strategies.

Heartfelt Concerns

Ignoring emotional upset and setbacks is rarely healthy in the long run.  By taking the time to acknowledge the distress and resolve it swiftly, it is less work in the long run.  This can be likened to garden weeds which left untended develop deeper roots take longer to eradicate.   Problems confronting our own unresolved emotions (especially relating to family members) is not easy.  Ill feeling, regret, remorse, and even embarrassment may not be easy to face.  Sometimes we just cannot get over them without a little help.

Emotional wellbeing is not simply a matter of getting over challenging times but is often about resolving heartfelt problems when facing changes, and uncertainty and in even in developing relationships.  Heart health is important in helping to face the future with faith with hope, and let go of past anguish, or disappointment and the ability to forgive others or ourselves and move forward unimpeded and enjoy life.

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