Taking Charge of Change – An evolving Personal Wellbeing

This Website has come about from my own personal Journey to  well being and coping with 3 years of 1 type of cancer treatment and ongoing cancer treatment for a rare skin cancer.  This journey as i call it has been a challenge to first find emotional balance in time of great uncertainty, and maintain health despite continuing challenges.    Even though I was praised for being resilient (what some called it) in coping. I obviously faced real challenges and changes physically and emotionally however it looked like I was coping outwardly.    Any change, good or bad sent me into overdrive of anxiety in the past, any unknown unknown was unbalancing.  How to  face headlong the fear of change.

Change and Discomfort

 When change is a source of discomfort and brings a sense of lack of control, old habits of coping can hit (these may not always be a wholesome adaptation in the long run).  I have always maintained that some of our greatest weaknesses could be our greatest strengths.  Mine was anything research.  I could sit helpless feeling my body was out of control,  or try to do something, anything even distract.  My appearance was fast changing  I started a Masters in research.  I  researched aspects of well-being physical and emotional and spiritual thats what concerned my as all were threatened.  Finding and using coping skills in time of distress

 Use what you have

A history in Psychology and a natural positive psychology enthusiast, I could do no less put into practice everything I had learnt and taught theortically into with my own wellbeing.

I researched Juicing benefits, battled and experimented with my skin care for my condition found alternative exercise that did not tax my aching bones after sever reactions to increased strength chemotherapy and other remedies for various afflictions…(so melodramatic!) Discover your strengths in weaknesss

Disease and Mental Attitude – Accepting Help


It is an unfortunate that when we are so good at coping that we are slow to realize when we really need to accept help.  Cutting myself some slack was not something I had learnt to do, so accepting help and that i needed it was the first real big step in self compassion.  I did accepted some help eventually when surgery after surgery and a year of struggling to hospital appointments alone but only after i accepted my body had changed beyond endurance.  Then I determined to ask for help something I wish I had done before.  Knowing what help to ask for was the real issue.   I was then coached rather than counselled by a very intuitive therapist which changed my life. Find out what coaching can do 

Sense Making and Positive Perspective  Taking 

I have discovered during the challenges and coaching to say NO!  “this is no help i need, please help me in this way.

I found clarity of mind largely through changed diet but coaching opened my mind so that my progress in building what I really wanted in my life was accellerated.  I learnt to mediate with the BK and have realized and in most cases released the emotional and social tension of interacting with others.  I have developed and got comfortable with my own personal yet adaptive interaction style.  Meeting and interacting with others from a developed spiritual perspective with reduce friction in all types of communication.

As a result I have gained 100 fold confidence in problem solving and courage in doing what is necessary to fulfil my own lifes purpose.  Coaching for change



A Spiritual Surrender -Experimenting with Faith

An interesting concept- If God knows all things, and the past and future are before him, technically this part of my life now and any variation has already happened and its ok.  struggles are already resolved, solutions to problems already known.  This does not absolve me from action, on the contrary it compels me to act in faith. Surrendering to the idea that everything has already happened and all can do is choose to stress about any choice i make.  Reminding myself in the moment of anxiety. Coaching to dispel unbelief


Enlightenment and Helping Behaviours – loving self to love others.

Emotional, Social, Personal Gains I wish to pass on to others. And a greater sense of identity and purpose and more in touch with and true to my-self, but rather than it being isolating is liberating but has opened a way of connecting with others.  I took my own medicine ditching the ego to live true to my self and own values.    Coaching and meditation to Explore your values and self


How it has affected this Program

The aspects of the program/service takes advantage of the experiences gained on the journey that have established a way of connecting first with yourself and your problems and then with others.

As you work on yourself with kindness, you are better prepare to  to exude with confidence an authentic self and so relate to others around you.  This emotional cleansing program is a holistic approach to bring about clarity of mind, removed limiting ideas that prevent progress, and discover and live the life you treasure, and connect  better with others as you become more firmly established in your own identity and with a clearer sense of purpose.