Life's Changing Journey


Complete Wellbeing and Resilience Matters on Lifes’ Changing Journey

Spiritual and personal as well as physical well being  matters change on Life’s Journey.  Having a firm belief that everything we experience fulfills a purpose is one of the ways to remain positive and stay strong when unexpected and even expected challenges come our way .  These may test our resilience and fortitude because even good changes can change can bring great anxiety for many of us.

Finding and developing Our own Resilience on the Journey

It really does pay to develop an adaptive predisposition regardless of circumstance.  This is because adaptive characteristics can moderates the negative effects of stress. A recognition that life is a dynamic process of development of positive coping in the face of averse experience (Masten, 2001; Wong, 1998c). If we have an understand life’s overarching purpose (for us), it can help us to make sense of our emotions and even other peoples emotions, that can give us a sense of peace even in turmoil.  In the quest for meaning-making the pressures of life’s uncertainty and changes can be a time when we consider the ultimate meaning and purpose of our existence, (especially if our trials seem prolong  ed).  You don’t have to wait for a trial to find your life’s purpose but this is often the way. Don’t know where to start!  Mapping your purest ideals an best self  is a way to start.  Knowing yourself is the beginning of the path of self enlightenment.

Finding a Stable Footing from which to begin coping with changes – Your Purpose

Having a Sense of who you are really can give a better direction to finding your purpose.  (or even deciding on and choosing a purpose).  This can help you to focus your energy and even to answer questions about directions to take in your life when things seem to change beyond your expectations.  Crisis and challenges can make us re-evaluate what we feel is important but positively speaking what we face can enrich our understanding of sense of purpose instead of robbing us of it, and even give a sense of comfort in difficult times.

The Foundations of Resilience – Knowing  and Finding Your Lifes Purpose

Believing that our lives have a generic and even personal purpose can provide us with a sense of stability. It was a welcome foundation when cancer joined me on my life’s journey.  This is especially true in difficult times as it can provide a  frame of reference for our experiences good and bad.  It can help us to make some sense of our journey, not necessarily immediately depending on your beliefs,  it can give us some sense of order and balance to calm us,  (again not necessarily immediately obvious, faith or no faith) and particularly during times of change and uncertainty, it can serve as a foundations of stable identity and our sense of well being when changes in our world and even our body threaten what we think is our most precious identity. A Helping hand when facing challenge to build resilience on lifes changing journey A Spiritual Meditative Basis for well being.

Well being During Major Setbacks  – Dealing Self and still caring for others

We have all struggled with a major setback at some time or other and it seems ironic to talk of an increased sense of wellbeing when facing unexpected major events but that is just what we are called to do when adversity hits.  This is the very essence of resilience.  If we choose to respond is by getting in touch with our own very personal values, Philosophical, or spiritual, this can provide a sense of well-being even when physically we clearly are not well. Strangely, once we deal with problems, others expectations of coping and their coping style can sometimes be a major concern for us.  We may have to develop and have compassion for them and others even as we endure what we thought was beyond us in the first place.   Is this an enormous ask?  everybody deals with challenges differently and who doesn’t need help or support coping sometimes? (Self Compassion and Compassion for others- as a source of well being and can fulfil a dual purpose particularly now)

Social Coping During A Crisis – Dealing with other peoples emotion

Having a resilient and clear value-based identity amidst change and challenge involves resilience in how we dealing with other people.   You may quickly realize attempts to empathize with others can go amiss.  People in their own uniqueness deal deferentially with a crisis, or illness, theirs and other peoples. Some may suddenly ignore that you have things going on in other areas of your life seem only able to converse about the problem. Others may avoid or distance themselves from the subject of the crisis altogether and talk about everything but, and this can be a welcome distraction but can also be challenging.  You may prefer either, both or neither of these, however, if you have a developed and firm and stable sense of self, rooted in a higher purpose, this goes a long way to maintaining a healthy emotional state in spite the changes and challenges to you and others. (Developing a Firm Identity and Value system 

Dealing with Physical Challenges – Mental  & Physical Energy Drain 

A sense of person-hood, whether Psychological, philosophical, or spiritual can act as a foundation for positive and lasting growth and general coping, but if we face challenges which undermine our ability to cope emotionally, any sense of well being takes a serious blow.  Our sense of mental clarity in dealing with difficulty is shrouded in doubt and confusion and even disbelief at how quickly things have changed.  We often find we have difficulty in sleeping and rely on medication (prescribed or otherwise) to cope.  Seeing the course ahead may not bring any relief.  On top of this, we can lose our sense of self and all we see when we look in the mirror is the problem.  Further restriction or disability in physical pursuits we feel define us (even if temporarily)  can further undermine our sense of self.  This can all compound to affect us negatively and undermine several or all aspects of our well being. This is all the more reason to focus on Well being and resilience development rather than succumb to despondency.   I learned thankfully that there are very practical steps that can be taken to help tackle some of this to at least. Optimising nutritional intake always works for me Juicing for mental clarity and Health – 

Spiritual Foundations – Dealing With Our own mortality

A sense of what I call  connectedness with what is happening around us is important to all of us as we connect and engage in meaning-making and purpose finding. If we are very goal or future orientated any type of perceived stagnation can affect your sense of well being.  A good example is the current lockdown The thought being unable of being unable to pursue a goal is very frustrating  can bring a sense of loss and even despondency.   Even those of us who not consider ourselves spiritual  consider the meaning of our lives  consider what it will all have meant at the end – our legacy.  We may rightly choose to dwell on the present and to make the most of it, but the transient nature of life forces us sooner or later to  seek to know if this is all there is.  Some have even found the answer looking beyond the material to the spiritual being and origin or soul consciousness.   Spiritual Meditation and Identity 

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